Queen Elizabeth II in Berlin

What a day! Yesterday I read in the news about the visit of the Queen in Berlin. When you ever can see the Queen up close, I thought to myself. Today after school I went to the Brandenburg Gate, have put myself in front of the Adlon and waited. It was a good decision to be there one hour earlier, because later a large crowd has formed behind me. You had to wait long. But that was definitely worth it.

At 7:50 PM the time had come: Firstly the police escorts comes, secondly the last guests were turned away by security and last bat not least the police officers go themselves in front of the fence. The Queen came out with Prince Philip and went on the red carpet to the royal Bentley. I was lucky and able to make a good photograph where you can see both. The car started the engine and she briefly waved to us.

Her face looks old but you can see that she wears a lot of experience from her life. I thought that was very impressive. She is very personable and I was happy to finally see the members of the royal family. When one has ever the chance to experience something like that! I’m lost for words. Look at the pictures!

Read more about the Queen visit in Berlin: Denver Post, ABC News, BBC, Daily Mail


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