Dolomites February 2015

“Mountains are the beginning and the end of all natural scenery.” — John Ruskin

If there is one thing on earth, which symbolizes the extremes of nature, then there are probably Mountains. Admittedly, I haven’t seen that much in my life except in Europe because I’m still too young to travel around the world. All the same I was skiing in the Dolomites in February and I was one more time impressed by the endless landscapes.

As for winter sports, in general the alps are the heartland of all kinds of winter sports in Europe. I stayed in Corvara in Badia. This village is situated to a huge system of slopes. According to the website of the operator Dolomiti Superski, the slope system is over 1200 kilometers (745 miles) long and goes through 12 ski regions.

The two ski regions Alta Badia and Arrabba are directly next to each other. So it comes that I have visited the latter. The main attraction in Arrabba was in fact not the Sella Ronda, but the Marmolada. It’s the highest mountain of the Dolomites with an elevation of 3343 meters (10.968 feet). Furthermore, the mountain has the one and only glacier in the italy alps. So I can use this little photo essay to point out the problems with the glacier. It’s a worldwide phenomenon that the glaciers are melting. This is a consequence of increasing the temperature and climate change. The Marmolada and other glaciers in the Alps are unfortunately affected.

Occasionally I asked myself subconsciously: Do we really want that countries are flooded? Do we always go on as before? Hopefully not. When I go next time in the beautiful Alps, I really hope that something changed politically. Perhaps a new environmental law that affects everyone for once.


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